Hi. I'm Annelyse.


If you want to get in touch: annelysegelman at gmail.

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I work with language, sound, and image, and am currently based between Austin and Berlin.

You can find my poems in 7x7, The New Yorker, Indiana Review, the PEN Poetry Series, The Economy, The Awl, TriQuarterly, and elsewhere.

I wrote a book called Everyone I Love Is a Stranger to Someone. It was a finalist for the Believer Poetry Award and people have written some nice things about it.

I make music under the name Shoulderblades. There's an EP up at shoulderblades.bandcamp.com. New things are coming soon!

The EVENTS page lists upcoming performances.

My poetry-films have been commissioned by FilmPoem in Antwerp and the Poetry in Public Spaces project, and appeared in festivals in the U.S., Slovenia, Austria, Belgium, Ukraine, and Germany, including CYCLOP, the Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival, dotdotdot, the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, and Experiments in Cinema.

For a film portfolio, see my Vimeo page.

Additional support from: the Fulbright Kommission and IIE, New Zealand Pacific Studio's Lavinia Winter Fellowship, the Brain Observatory at UC San Diego, the Kaspar T. Locher Scholarship, and the Michener Center for Writers at UT Austin. 💖

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